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My first love is Hip hop, but I’m passionate about every genre that makes me want to dance, from Afro to Funk, Disco to R&B and much more. My main goal is that you will shake your ass. So let’s have some fun and get this party started!

PS. I like your butt


event one

Bar Den opening and closing night 7 dec 2019 - 4 jan 2020

I was honoured to rock the decks on both the opening and closing night, sharing the line-up with Faisal and Hush Hefner.

event two

Wolf Club invites Eagl 9 nov 19

One of my highlights was sharing the stage with the one and only Papi Cheagl aka Eagl. 

event thee

Black Mamba invites 26 okt 2019

I was so hyped to have my mix played on national radio for the first time! This one-hour mix is up on my SoundCloud for you to check out.

event four

Klub Gul with Hakimm 21 sep 2019

One of the few closing spots I played so far, on stage right after Hakimm and Hyalyte.

event five

Kontest summer of 2019

In the summer of 19 I was selected as one of the finalists of Kontest, the first DJ contest in Antwerp. Out of more than 100 submissions I got to compete with Cisco FM, DC Noises, Tuuren, Wanton,…

event six

Mamba Nights 6 sept 2019

I won my first DJ-contest, for the one and only Black Mamba. My prize: opening the festival ‘Mamba Nights’ and appearing on an amazing line-up with Black Mamba, Blu Samu, Roedel, Krankk, Youth, Yones, Young Mocro and Mars. 

event seven

Bar Chapel opening weekend 18 jun 2019

It was my pleasure to drop some beats in one of the cosiest places in Antwerp: Bar Chapel. I shared the line-up with Juicy the DJ, Nonkel Guy, DTM Funk

event eight

Sunrise Festival 28 jun 2019

The summer of 2019 started with a banger, my first festival. It was amazing and got to share the stage with Luminasian and Makasi.

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